Gold Digger Gamble: 30 days without pay | Free Doc Bites

Aug 25, 2023 | People, Videos

The documentary Gold Miners: No Pay, Keep All is an eye-opening exploration into the harsh and gruelling life of a miner in Ghana. Every day, these miners risk their lives to work in dangerous conditions for no wage – but on the 31st day, they keep whatever gold they manage to find.

The film follows the struggles of five miners as they battle through extreme heat and humidity, as well as treacherous water levels that can reach up to four metres deep. The miners carry out backbreaking tasks such as breaking rocks with pickaxes, digging tunnels with shovels and hauling huge sacks of soil on their backs. The long days are filled with hard work and danger – but after a month of no pay, they are rewarded with the possibility of finding small amounts of gold that can potentially change their lives.

Viewers will be taken through an emotional journey as we watch these men put everything on the line for their dreams and goals. Through interviews with miners, family members and locals readers will get a more rounded understanding of what it means to be a miner in Ghana; from the struggles to survive financially to the bond between coworkers who rely on each other every day while working in dangerous conditions.

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David B