God’s Next Army

Jun 17, 2023 | Social, Videos

The documentary God’s Next Army follows the mission of Patrick Henry College (PHC) to train young fundamentalist Christians for leadership positions in American politics and culture. Established five years ago near Washington DC, PHC’s mission is to “rechristianise” America and preserve it from the “sinfulness of man”.

God’s Next Army chronicles the college students’ pursuit of power as they campaign for Republican candidates. It also exposes how conservative lobbyists fight against paying out compensation to people affected by asbestos and trying to repeal estate tax on the grounds that “the earth is the Lord’s.”

The college boasts powerful connections which have allowed it to provide more interns for the current White House administration than any other college in the US. With these graduates ready to become “key players in a Christian republic,” PHC is building a new generation of leaders who are deeply committed to their mission.

For those interested in learning more about this movement, God’s Next Army offers an eye-opening look at what is happening inside a controversial college and its potential impact on American politics and culture. Through interviews with influential figures, special access into exclusive events, and compelling stories from PHC students themselves, this documentary provides a unique insight into this new wave of religious evangelism. So pick up your remote control now because God’s Next Army is an essential documentary that needs to be watched.

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David B