God Is American

Dec 11, 2022 | Religion, Videos

During the Second World War, the U.S. Navy used the island in the South Pacific to build a military base and met the islanders American soldiers was a tremendous culture shock.

The islanders have believed that Americans were demigods. During this period, John Frum, an American pilot landed on Tanna. Nobody knows, except the Islanders.

They believe that John Frum is his prophet and still await his return. Their habits have been shaped by this belief.

They (cargo cults) provides a fascinating current model for the way religions arise from almost anything. In particular, they suggest four lessons about the origin of religion in general” – as Richard Dawkins said in The God Delusion, the documentary shows the evolution of religion. Only this is a sad story of pride, loneliness and despair.

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Riyan H.