Go Inside a Full Size T-Rex – T-Rex Autopsy Documentary

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Made possible by National Geographic, the T-Rex autopsy documentary allows you to witness the inside of an animal that has long been deceased and extinct from our planet.

But just imagine, if the government was to find a real size T-rex nowadays, and asked the leading paleontologists to perform an autopsy. This way, the government and scientists could get an inside and better knowledge of the body of the T-Rex.

The real mystery that keeps paleontologists juices flowing is how the T-Rex lived. We all know how dinosaurs died and were extinct, but the mystery is how they lived. It is what keeps paleontologists up at night.

Check the documentary to see if the theories about dinosaurs are true or fake. T-Rex and dinosaurs are still one of the most mysterious animals on Earth, even though they were extinct long ago. And it seems like the mystery is never going to end. However, we get more answers with every next documentary.

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