Globalization: Winners and losers in world trade (1/2)

Jul 12, 2023 | People, Technology, Videos

The documentary “Globalization in Crisis” takes the audience on a captivating journey that digs into the inherent contradictions in the global system, unveiling its intricacies and consequences. The first part of the documentary travel through countries, including Senegal, Peru, the United States, and Europe, highlighting the winners and the losers of the globalized world.
From the steel-producing center Duisburg, where China presents hope for a renaissance, to America’s “America First” policy that invests billions of dollars domestically, leaving a trail of poverty and exclusion in nations like Peru, the documentary reveals the true impacts of globalization. The second part delves deeper into the unspoken costs of economic and cultural interdependence, featuring interviews and testimonials of people affected by the globalized world’s implications. This documentary urges viewers to rethink the impact of globalization and who benefits from it, separating the facts from the fiction in a world where propaganda and disinformation run rife.

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David B