Gigantic Tunnel Drilling Machines | Men and Machines

Oct 28, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Men & Machines is a documentary series that features colossal tools of different industries in action, culminating in the Albvorlandtunnel construction site in Germany. This episode takes viewers on an adrenaline-charged journey through a sophisticated engineering spectacle involving Germany’s largest and strongest machines.
Here, visitors will witness how two gigantic and uniquely designed Herrenknecht tunnel drilling machines revolutionized tunneling and excavating, a feat that would otherwise take hundreds of workers considerable time and effort. The machines, operated with millimeter precision, represents the cutting-edge of tech advancements in the excavation industry and are a testament to the exceptional manufacturing capabilities of the German mechanical engineering industry.
In each episode, Men & Machines introduces the biggest tools of various industries such as cranes, open-cast mining, track construction, forestry, and demolition companies. It offers viewers a rare glimpse into the production halls of these incredible machines, showcasing the complexity of their designs and the skill required to operate them.
In this particular episode, we explore the operations of Germany’s largest machines and learn what safety measures the men operating them must take. This awe-inspiring documentary showcases not only the machines in action, but the people behind it all, boldly taking on unimaginable engineering challenges with courage and skill.
So, if you’re a fan of technology and engineering or just curious to see the world’s biggest tools in action, Men & Machines is a must-watch! Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these colossal feats of engineering prowess.

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David B