Giants: The Mystery and The Myth

Dec 5, 2023 | History, Videos

The phenomenon of giants has been part of human history and culture since the earliest beginnings of civilization. Now, a fascinating documentary titled ‘Giants: The Mystery and The Myth’ looks into this topic in-depth, exploring historical, biblical, archeological, and mythological accounts of giant humans from around the world.

The documentary features interviews with Zecharia Sitchin, author of The Cosmic Code which discusses the content of Sumerian Tablets. These ancient artifacts tell stories that suggest Earth was once home to massive humanoids. Supporting this theory is an intriguing experiment on fish conducted in a biodome with double atmospheric pressure. Under these conditions, the fish grow to be much larger than normal – an indication that Earth had the right conditions to support giants at one time.

This intriguing documentary looks at both sides of the argument – do these mythical beings actually exist? It delves deeper into the possibilities, examining evidence provided by historians and scientists alike to paint a comprehensive picture. From ancient folk tales to recent scientific research, ‘Giants: The Mystery and The Myth’ takes viewers on an entertaining journey through time.

Whether you believe in these mysterious creatures or not, ‘Giants: The Mystery and The Myth’ is an absolute must watch for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating topic. This thought-provoking documentary covers everything from ancient civilizations to modern scientific experiments – all wrapped up in a captivating narrative that will leave viewers wanting more! So don’t wait any longer – take a dive into this thrilling mystery today!

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David B