Giant Airport: The 5-Star Airport in Munich | Giant Hubs | Episode 1

Aug 7, 2023 | Aviation, Technology, Videos

The Franz-Joseph-Strauss Airport in Munich, Germany, is rated as the only 5-star airport in Europe. In 2017, 44.6 million passengers chose Munich as their destination for business, pleasure, or simply as a transit hub to reach their final destination. With an average of 1,100 daily flights to take care of, the Munich Airport is like a giant machine with several hearts that have to beat in the same rhythm to ensure everything runs smoothly.
How does the Munich Airport cope with an average of 120,000 passengers every day? How is the endless flow of people and airplanes directed to move as seamlessly as possible under the watchful eyes of the 1,200 federal police and 400 customs officers guarding the German border?
This is where the documentary, which takes a closer look at the inner workings of the Munich airport, comes in. It offers viewers an exclusive glimpse into the operational units that are usually restricted from public eyes. The documentary highlights the gears and sprockets making Munich run efficiently and flawlessly.
Ramp Agents oversee baggage and cargo flows from the terminals to the airplanes while the baggage handlers strive to ensure passengers receive their bags as quickly as possible in the terminal. Above all, the tower personnel ensure planes do not collide during take-off or landing.
As you follow the documentary, you’ll see firsthand everything needed to guarantee the passenger’s safety and comfort. From the federal police guarding the border to the baggage handlers and ramp agents, each person’s job is crucial to keep everything moving smoothly.
In the end, how does Munich Airport maintain its 5-star rating with these daily operations? The answer, as the documentary shows, is a cohesive work system that prioritizes passenger safety, efficiency, and comfort. The Munich Airport is not only a hub for transit but a germ-free and entirely sanitized environment that is a truly five-star experience.
Don’t miss the chance to experience Europe’s only five-star airport on-screen as you unravel the mechanisms behind the secure and efficient functioning of the Munich Airport. Watch our exclusive video now!

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