Ghost Rapes of Bolivia

Oct 1, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Sara Guenter woke up in her bed to find her wrists and ankles bound by scraps of rope. The skin beneath was a deep, raw blue and spoke of a much more sinister reality. Living in Manitoba Colony, Bolivia, Sara is part of the ultraconservative Mennonite community that shuns modernity and technology. In addition to the ropes tying her down, mornings after she had been raped she would find stained sheets, thunderous headaches, and overwhelming lethargy.

This harrowing story is documented in the upcoming documentary film ‘Manitoba’s Secret’, which follows Sara as she attempts to uncover the truth behind her mysterious bindings. The documentary seeks to explore the deep-seated culture of oppression that has bred such heinous acts within conservative Mennonite communities.

For Sara and those like her living in similar circumstances, ‘Manitoba’s Secret’ could provide an avenue for closure from their struggles – but it also serves as a warning to others who find themselves in oppressive situations. It’s time these communities were held accountable for their actions and this documentary offers an unparalleled peek into what life can be like within them. It’s also a chance for viewers around the world to draw attention to those who may not have access to justice or support systems they need.

The powerful story told through ‘Manitoba’s Secret’ sheds light on a dark subject – one that needs more attention brought to it than ever before. If you care about justice and standing up against injustice then we urge you not only to watch this film but also make sure your voice is heard on behalf of those without one – those individuals trapped in oppressive societies with no way out but through our help.

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David B