GG Allin – Hated: Special Edition

Oct 2, 2023 | Music, People, Videos

The documentary All Out Chaos: The Story of GG Allin is an incredibly detailed and intimate look at the life and times of iconic punk rocker, GG Allin. Through skillfully combined footage of concerts, interviews, and never before seen moments with friends and family, director Todd Phillips captures a raw and honest portrait of this rock n’ roll icon at the peak of his madness.

Viewers can expect to get an in-depth view into GG’s chaotic lifestyle that includes everything from hardcore partying to extreme violence. The documentary showcases his rebellious spirit as well as his twisted sense of humor, providing both fans and critics an authentic look into an often misunderstood artist. Even more impressive is that the film was made entirely within the surviving members of GG’s fan base.

For anyone interested in learning more about one of the most notorious figures in music history, All Out Chaos: The Story of GG Allin is a must-see. By showcasing provocative footage that has never been seen before, this documentary gives viewers an unfiltered glimpse into the worldGG lived in. While some may find it disturbing, it provides a compelling look into how GG used his art to express himself while pushing boundaries with no concern for society’s expectations.

All Out Chaos: The Story of GG Allin offers a unique chance to explore an artist who lived life on his own terms without apology or shame. With intense concert scenes and dialogue from those who knew him best, this documentary will leave its audience feeling like they truly experienced what it meant to be part of the GG Allin tribe. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about one of music’s most fascinating figures – watchAll Out Chaos: The Story of GG Allin today!

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David B