Getting High On HIV Medication

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Hamilton Morris is a journalist who wants to explore the world of drugs. More specifically, he explores the area of psychopharmacology, a branch of psychology concerned with the effects of drugs on the mind and behavior.

In this episode, he explores the deadly drug called “nyaope”. The drug is a cocktail of marijuana, heroin, rat poison, acid, and some ARV drugs (HIV medicine). The drug, which is native to South Africa, has been causing concern for several years now. The drug emerged in 2006, and rose to popularity in the past few years.

And all of that because of increased international media coverage, similar as to what Hamilton Morris is doing. The base of the cocktail is between 10 and 70 percent heroin. The fun part is even though heroin is illegal, nyaope itself is not. That makes it even more dangerous for the police force to handle, as they cannot arrest someone on the assumption that they are selling heroin masked as another cocktail.

Hamilton travels to South Africa, to explore and investigate the matters more. Watch him try and explain the effect of the drug mixed with HIV medicine.

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