Germany votes – The winners and the losers

Sep 25, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

Germany is to get a new parliament – and a new chancellor. After 16 years, Angela Merkel is stepping down. Three candidates have spent months fighting to succeed her. Filmmaker Stephan Lamby followed their campaigns. Which one was most effective?
As the candidates and their campaigns make their way across the country, they find themselves up against some of the most challenging and complex issues of our time. From climate change to immigration, each of these issues carry the weight of a nation, and with it the hopes and aspirations of millions. Against this turbulent and often unpredictable landscape, the candidates must set themselves apart, create fresh visions for a new Germany, and try to win hearts and minds in a race that is too close to call. This is a story of political intrigue, a clash of personalities, and a true test of leadership in the age of hyper-politics.

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David B