Germany divided over coronavirus

Sep 30, 2023 | Health, Social, Videos

In Germany, a small but vocal minority rebels against masks, vaccinations, and social distancing measures, and even denies the very existence of the virus. Meanwhile, most Germans stand behind their government’s coronavirus policies. This conflict has resulted in a profound shift to the country’s social climate. Reverend Jörg Pegelow seeks to connect with those who have isolated themselves in a bubble of dubious online content, calls that grow more anxious, disappointed, and angry by the day. As official statistics polarize the population and rumors spread, tensions rise, and the state’s police officers find themselves the target of rapidly escalating aggression. Germany’s social fabric is in a state of flux, as reported by Florian Nusch and Anne Höhn.
The documentary captures the inner workings of a fractured society through a series of intimate and moving portraits, revealing how the conflict has driven people apart and made it challenging for them to find common ground. With newfound relevance amidst a global pandemic, the film provides insight into how people take in and interpret information, and how they process the truth, which has never been more critical to understand.

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David B