German passports for UK Jews

Dec 20, 2023 | People, Videos

As Brexit looms, Britain’s Jewish community takes action to protect its future. British Jews – descendants of German Jews who fled Nazi persecution – are applying for German passports in record numbers. The reason? To maintain their longstanding ties to Europe and ensure a secure future should the UK’s departure from the EU have adverse effects. In “German Passports,” find out why Brexit has spurred an unlikely surge in passport applications to Germany – a country that, for some families, has haunting memories of the past.
For Holocaust survivors and their descendants, the possibility of a no-deal Brexit looms large. With uncertain times ahead, the chance to become a German citizen is a beacon of hope. Despite its troubled past, Germany is now offering its hand to Jewish people around the world. As German citizenship becomes a lifeline for many families and an insurance policy against the unknown, “German Passports” explores the emotional and historical ties that bind Britain’s Jewish community to Europe – and to Germany in particular.

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David B