German Interrogation Methods During World War II

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Nowadays, we constantly hear that the CIA and other intelligence offices are using torture and other interrogation methods to extract information from prisoners and captures. But inhuman-like interrogation methods are nothing new in the world of intelligence.

In fact, there are studies showing that torture actually won the World War II. During one of the worst wars in human history, interrogation methods were standard for both the Allied forces and the Nazis. However, the Nazis were always going a step further.

People will always associate the Holocaust and the Jewish annihilation with the Nazi, but the Germans did inhuman things to prisoners as well. One of the interrogation tactics and methods used by Gestapo and Nazi intelligence was to turn up the heat in the cells where a prisoner they wanted to interrogate was accommodated.

Prisoners were sometimes asked to sign a written statement, including their name, occupation, rank and position in the opponent’s army.

Nazi’s cunning techniques for interrogation went even a step further, using nurses in hospitals to seduce American and Allied forces, showing affection and reading American stories to them. It was all part of their master plan which included using secret agents to uncover crucial information from the opponents army forces. Germans also used hospitals to malnutrition and starve the opponents, to the point they willingly asked to share intelligence data in exchange for food.

With that being said, you can see for yourself some of the interrogation techniques used by Gestapo. If they seem too inhuman for you, remember, nowadays they are even worse.

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