German electronic music and its star DJs – Felix Jaehn, Paul van Dyk, Alle Farben

Oct 12, 2023 | Music, Videos

Follow three German DJs, Felix Jaehn, Alle Farben, and Paul van Dyk, on their journey to conquer the international music charts with beats created on their laptops. This documentary captures the lives of these young producers in their early twenties, who have already achieved more than others need a lifetime to accomplish.
Through extensive tours and social media campaigns, these prodigies are taking their EDM tracks to international audiences. Yet, what drives the young generation of laptop producers, and what motivates the veterans of the industry? This documentary explores backstage areas, self-discipline, and permanent social media activity to reveal the privileged but tough business of superstar DJs. Experience a festival summer with no fixed abode, fame, fortune, and fun, as well as little sleep and preset schedules. Watch as Alle Farben battles torrential rain and technical mishaps on the Dutch border, and Paul van Dyk shares his story following a near-fatal accident during a concert. Don’t miss out on this compelling documentary, “Superstar DJs – Made in Germany.”

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David B