George Michael – BBC Documentary

Apr 29, 2022 | Music, Personal Triumphs, Videos

George Michael, one of the biggest pop stars of our time lost his life at age of 53. Michael was one of the first superstars, and among the first public figures to publicly come out as homosexual. He was pioneer not only in music, but in LGBT movement as well.

In that regard, we take a moment to rewind the time back to 1990, when Michael was emerging as a singer. Born as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, Michael adopted his stage name from the very moment he entered the music world.

George started as part of the boy group Wham. He was their songwriter, and their singer. With Wham, George was the first Western popular music act that visited China. But with the release of his solo singles like Careless Whisper, it became evident his time in the group is over.

The success of Careless Whisper prompted George to think about a solo career. As a solo singer, he released five studio albums. The first one, “Faith” got him his international coverage. That was the time Michael outsold both Prince and Michael Jackson. The 1990 BBC documentary focuses on his solo career, and a little bit of his time in Wham. Filmed in 1990, expect to see a lot of young Michael: energetic, charismatic, and musically gifted.

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Riyan H.