Garbage Island

Dec 30, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The North Pacific Gyre is home to the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch: a mythical landmass composed entirely of our discarded trash. Spanning an area twice the size of Texas, the massive concentration of plastic, metal, and other waste has been floating in an area known for its strong ocean currents since long before modern society.

Vice recently embarked on a mission to document this ecological catastrophe. With intrepid crews at the helm, Vice ventured into the depths of the Gyre to uncover the truth behind this environmental disaster. The footage they captured was both alarming and sobering as it revealed just how much human waste has been accumulating in the world’s oceans for decades.

At first glance, what lies beneath looks like a veritable treasure trove of forgotten items — from old bottles to toys from days gone by — but it’s actually one of nature’s most serious problems. Plastics are photodegradable, meaning that unless they’re subjected to immense pressure or heat, they won’t break down completely. This means that every synthetic molecule ever made still exists somewhere in the world today.

The magnitude of this crisis can only be fully appreciated when seen firsthand — which is why Vice has created an inspiring documentary about their harrowing journey into the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. By taking viewers on an unforgettable voyage across treacherous waters and unveiling heartbreaking stories along the way, Vice hopes that their message will spark meaningful conversations and inspire action against these man-made threats to our planet’s future.

Watching this eye-opening documentary is one powerful way to make a difference in protecting our oceans and safeguarding our planet’s health. Join Vice as they bravely reveal what lies at the heart of this global disaster — and do your part in saving our seas!

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David B