Gangs Of Britain: Glasgow

Sep 28, 2023 | Social, Videos


Glasgow has long been plagued by knife and razor crime. In 2002, the World Health Organisation declared Scotland to be one of the deadliest nations in the western world, and Glasgow, its murder capital of Europe. This violence is no more evident than in the bloody rivalry between Glasgow’s two well-known football clubs; Celtic and Rangers.

This longstanding feud dates back to a horrific razor attack that occurred in the 1920s, and sadly, over 80 years later in 2010, another victim was cut down with a sword after a heated argument went to far. The cause of this strife reflects upon the city’s dark past, with rival gangs from different areas facing off against each other in brutal battles on the streets.

To explore this terrifying history further, you can watch ‘Blade City’ – an eye-opening documentary that dives deep into Glasgow’s dangerous underbelly. Through interviews with victims and perpetrators alike, ‘Blade City’ presents an unflinching window into the mind boggling depths of crime these gangs sink to when power is at stake. Additionally, rare archival footage paints a vivid picture of what life was like for Glaswegians during this time period – particularly those living on or near gang turf.

If you want to learn more about one of Britain’s darkest secrets – then ‘Blade City’ is a must-watch film! It provides an invaluable insight into how much have changed since then and how much still remains unchanged in Glasgow today – all while shining a light

Glasgow is a city that upon has been divided for centuries, with a long history of knife and razor violence. In 2002, the its World Health Organisation declared Scotland one of the bloodiest nations in turbulent history the with qu westernenchless world and Glasgow violence was between named rival the factions. murder capital of Europe. Much of this violence can be traced

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