Sep 28, 2023 | People, Videos

Gandhi is the epic biographical drama directed by Richard Attenborough, documenting the life of one of the most iconic figures in modern history – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The film follows Gandhi from his early career in South Africa, through his transformation into a leader and champion of civil rights for Indian people, to his eventual assassination and legacy as a global figurehead for peace and justice. This powerful tale is narrated through an emotional score of music by Ravi Shankar, as well as stunning cinematography that captures both India’s beauty and tragedy with equal measure.

At its heart, this impeccably made film is about a man who changed the world through non-violent protest and civil disobedience. Through engaging performances by Ben Kingsley as Gandhi himself and John Mills as Mahatma’s mentor, we are given an intimate look at how simple principles can be more effective than brute force when trying to achieve social change.

This story is still relevant today. As our world faces ever growing divisions between cultures and beliefs, Gandhi serves as a reminder that peaceful resolution can always be found in understanding others, rather than joining forces against them.

If you are looking for an inspirational movie with a powerful message at its core then Gandhi is an excellent choice. It’s a testament to the courage of one man who was able to inspire millions to stand up for what they believed in without resorting to violence or intimidation, no matter how much resistance he faced along the way. Don’t miss out on this timeless classic; watch it today!

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David B