Future of Glasses, Wearable Technology

May 22, 2022 | Science, Technology, Videos

Imagine if you can wear glasses and have them send you information about objects you see. Think of Iron man and his suit. You do not need to imagine any more, Google is already working on 3D glasses that might see the light of the day soon.

We are living in golden age of technology. Every day, technology experts are coming up with a new innovation, something new is developing, and we are finding more and more ways to exploit different and new materials.

One of those materials we are still figuring how to use in technological advancement is glass. We have already seen glass proving to be great casing material, as new smartphones are covered with glass (iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy 6 and so on).

But what if we find a way to use glass for robots, for military weapons and so on? How would our world look then? And the question is, is it possible for us to use glass for robot production?

Robots have already become a huge part of our life, and the only question is how far we can go. This documentary explores that option.

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Riyan H.