From the Hood to the Hardwood

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Many young people dream of playing in the NBA. For many Americans, playing in the National Basketball Association is the dream come true. But not all make it there. Every year, 60 players are drafted. Some of them enter the draft straight out of high school, some of them enter after a year or two on college.

But in order to make it in the NBA, you need more than just getting drafted. Getting drafted is just the first step. A lot of hard work and effort is needed to make it pass the amateurs and into the world of professional basketball players.

Roy Jackson, a young man from Flint, Michigan, is determined to make his dream come true. The movie, directed by Jermaine Davis and Nicholas Ferguson, follows the journey of Jackson. He sets off his basketball journey with an overseas career in Germany, hoping that one day he can return home and play in the NBA.

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