From smartphones to e-cars – How important is the lithium-ion battery?

Jul 31, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The lithium-ion battery, the cornerstone of e-mobility and digitalization, is proving to be one of the most important innovations for the 21st century, enabling the switch to renewable energies. From smartphones to e-cars, this game-changing technology can be found in almost every battery-powered device we use. But have you ever stopped to wonder where it comes from or how it’s produced?
In this compelling new documentary, we explore the fascinating world of lithium-ion batteries and their crucial role in shaping our modern world. We follow the journey of this technology from its extraction through to its use in vehicles and AI-controlled large-scale energy storage. Along the way, we delve into the many challenges facing the industry, from resource availability and sustainability to recycling, and highlight the latest developments in this promising and rapidly advancing field of technology.

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David B