From Islamic State victim to terrorist hunter

Jul 26, 2023 | Activism, Crime, Military/War, Videos

Masoud Aqil was just a video journalist from Syria, but his life changed drastically when he was apprehended by armed jihadis while working in Iraq. He and his colleague were held captive by the Islamic State (IS) for 280 days, enduring torture and interrogations. After his release in September 2015, Masoud fled to Germany where he now lives in an undisclosed location, ready to take on the terrorists he was once in captivity with.
Masoud’s story reveals the vulnerabilities of being a victim of war, but also the resilience and dedication of those seeking to stop the flow of terrorism in Europe. As a former prisoner and victim, Masoud is now a terrorist hunter. He uses his own experience, as well as information acquired through his contacts in the Kurdish community and the YPG, to track down IS supporters residing in Europe. His courage, determination, and willingness to pass valuable information to the German authorities make him a key player in the fight against terrorism.

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David B