From $42 Billion to $0 – How Anil Ambani Lost All His Money

Dec 31, 2022 | Economics, Videos

Anil Ambani was once a wealthy businessman, now he is not. His investments were once worth more than $7 billion. That was back in 2012.
At one point, he was also the sixth richest person in the world. But in February 2020, he declared before a UK court that his net worth is zero and he is bankrupt. Now, the veracity of that claim is in question, but he is close to zero.
Anil Ambani’s net worth is little over $90 million, but once you take liabilities into account, it is zero. Anil was the chairman of Reliance Group, created in July 2006 following a demerger from Reliance Industries Limited.
This documentary shows how one man went from $42 billion to zero. It serves as a good reminder to all to pay attention to how you spend and invest money.

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Riyan H.