Fritzl by Fred Dinenage

Sep 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

In 2008, a story that shocked the world broke. A man from Amstetten, Austria by the name of Josef Fritzl had been keeping his daughter in a windowless cellar beneath his house for 24 years – and during this time, he had sexually abused her and fathered seven children with her. This documentary attempts to uncover the reasons why Josef Fritzl chose to commit such heinous crimes and how exactly he managed to keep it a secret for so long.

The film follows many of those closely related to the case, delving deep into their accounts as well as other evidence that was collected during the investigation. From interviews with police officers who worked on the case to family members of Josef Fritzl’s victims, no stone is left unturned in an effort to expose what led this man down such a destructive path. It also provides an intimate look at how life has changed for those affected since then – including those held captive in the cellar and their relatives who were unaware of what was happening yet still suffered greatly from it.

This eye-opening documentary is not only essential viewing for those curious about the case but also an important reminder of how unchecked power can be abused with tragic consequences. By exploring all facets of the story through vivid accounts, it brings us closer than ever before to understanding what drove Josef Fritzl and offers a gripping insight into one of modern history’s most shocking stories.

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David B