Free Wheels East | Nomad Adventure Documentary

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Cousins Jamie Mackenzie and Ben Wylson set off on an extraordinary three year adventure; without knowhow or training they attempt to ride bicycles on every continent without using airplanes.
On their absurd mission, Jamie and Ben battle through landslides and over mountains; they traverse deserts and somehow hitch lifts across all of the world's great oceans.
Surviving near fatal accidents, life threatening illness and even becoming the first to cycle in the desolate East Antarctic; it seems nothing can stop them.
In this compelling story of friendship, through shier perseverance and indomitable spirit, Jamie and Ben visit 35 countries, and in so doing change the course of their lives forever.
The feature length documentary tells the story of a truly global adventure. The film was stitched together from just 24 hours of footage that Ben and Jamie shot on the road, and an interview filmed in 2009.

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