Frank Matthews - The Real American Gangster

  • Published 6 years ago
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Frank Matthews was one of the biggest drug dealers and kingpins in the history of the United States. Some consider him even bigger than Frank Lucas.

Had he continued to do his business, he could have had a multi-billion corporation nowadays, and be one of the richest people in the world.

He started as a numbers writer in Philadelphia, but then moved to New York City where he became a barber, but continued to collect numbers. Growing large and muscular helped Matthews become enforcer and collector, which in turn gave him experience and cash to start his illegal drugbusiness.

He began making plans to transition to heroin business, as he saw that he can make more money with drug dealing in a week, than what he makes with numbers in a year.

Matthews made his first deal with Rolando Gonzalez Nunes, a Cuban cocaine supplier. Frank bought the first kilo for $20,000. The relationship expanded to a huge network. At his peak, Matthews controlled the illegal drug business in 21 states in the United States, with the DEA claiming he is responsible for cutting, packaging and sale of heroin in every major city in the East Coast.

Facing charges and allegations, Matthews disappeared in 1973. Some say he took $15 to $20 million with him. He was never seen again.

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