France: Radioactive Mud I Toxic Tour

Sep 2, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The small Mediterranean town of Provence in France has been dealing with an environmental disaster of immense proportions since the 1960s. An alumina refinery situated here has been dumping toxic red mud into the countryside and the sea with impunity, and local authorities have not done anything to stop it.

This red mud is full of toxins that have severe impacts on both humans and animals living in the area. Not only is its presence a health hazard, but it also causes severe water pollution, disrupts natural habitats, and destroys marine life.

The situation in Provence is dire and a documentary entitled ‘Red: A Documentary’ that focuses on this issue was released recently. The film follows the struggles of the people living in Provence as they fight for their right to a clean environment. It speaks to various scientists, activists, politicians, and members of local communities to bring awareness about this crisis to light.

The documentary does an excellent job of showing just how much harm this alumina refinery has caused over the years and how little has been done to fix the problem. It highlights how important it is for us to take action now before any more damage can be done in Provence or other parts of the world.

It is our responsibility as citizens of this planet to demand change from those entrusted with protecting our environment. Even if you cannot do anything directly about this environmental disaster in Provence, you can still show your support by watching ‘Red: A Documentary’ and getting informed about this urgent issue.

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David B