Former CIA Officer Will Teach You How to Spot a Lie

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You might consider yourself an honest person. But statistically speaking, you are not. According to statistics, the average person lies a minimum of once to twice per day.
Some of the common lies we tell is saying we are on our way when we haven’t left home, lying about why we are late to work, lying about our age, how many people we have slept with, and many more.
That is the world we live in. There are so many lies. Now, while some lies are not as harmful, there are those that can ruin a relationship.
In this documentary, you will hear from a former CIA Officer with more than 20 years of experience in interviewing, interrogation, and polygraph examination, how to tell if someone is lying.
Susan Carnicero has developed behavioral screening programs used by the federal government. She is the author of Spy the Lie.

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