Forks Over Knives – Food Documentary

Dec 3, 2022 | Food/Drink, Health, Lifestyle, Videos

Back in 2011, we got one of the best food documentaries. It has been six years since, and we still haven’t addressed the main issue of the documentary.

Forks over knives explores the growing problem in America and the world. How much fat are we consuming? How healthy is our diet? What will happen if we change our diets and habits from animal-based to plant-based food sources.

The documentary claims that we can eliminate, or at least control many diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Examining the profound claim that most if not all degenerative diseases come from our diet, the Forks over Knives is an enlightening documentary.

For many people, the documentary changed the way they look at things. Nowadays, we see more and more people moving into a plant based eating. Some experts even go as far as claiming we can end world hunger if we change our diet. But let’s not go as far.

Take a look at the fantastic documentary, and hopefully, it will inspire you to change some lifestyle habits. You can start small at the beginning.

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Riyan H.