For Queen and Country: The Falkland Islands Defence Force

Feb 5, 2024 | News, Political, Videos

For Queen and Country is an engaging independent documentary that follows two recruits, Jacob and Marcus, as they attempt to become privates in the Island’s defence force. Produced by Josh Saunders, Caroline Scott and Hannah Smithson, the film offers an insightful look into the life of a soldier-in-training and all that entails. Through its compelling storyline and captivating visuals, For Queen and Country provides a unique perspective for viewers to witness the remarkable journey taken by these brave individuals.

The 12 week training program featured in the documentary is no easy feat, requiring strenuous physical exercises in addition to long hours of classroom instruction. The recruits face numerous challenges throughout their journey including being separated from family and friends while living on base. Moreover, the rigors of military life are compounded by psychological tests designed to assess their aptitude for service. Despite these struggles, both Jacob and Marcus persevere with courage and determination in pursuit of their goal.

In For Queen and Country we get a glimpse into what it takes to earn the title of a private in the Islands defense force. It also serves as a reminder of those who have made sacrifices so that others may be safe at home. Whether you’re already familiar with military culture or eager to learn more about this unique world, this documentary offers an inspiring window into some of life’s toughest questions. So why not take some time out of your day to watch this thought-provoking documentary?

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David B