Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry

Jun 21, 2023 | Social, Sports, Videos

The rivalry between Glasgow’s Old Firm football clubs Rangers and Celtic is one of the most iconic in world sport, capturing generations of football fans with its passionate display of tribal loyalty. This intense rivalry has been shaped by a complex mix of political, religious, and social issues that have divided Scotland for decades.

Rangers and Celtic are two of the most successful football clubs in British history. Together they make up the Old Firm — two fiercely competing teams, whose matches often end in highly charged displays of violence, racial slurs and outright hatred. It’s a rivalry that draws thousands of supporters to stadiums across Scotland each year to witness the passionate clashes between these two sides.

In order to get an insight into this famous sporting clash, viewers can watch the documentary ‘Rangers vs Celtic: A Tale Of Two Rivals’. The documentary gives an inside look at a range of issues behind the hatred between both sets of fans, speaking to fanzine editors from either side and travelling with the Celtic away support for a match at Tannadice.

This is a must-watch for any football fan wanting to learn more about this iconic rivalry and gain further understanding into why it continues to capture so many people all over the world. Through interviews with local experts and passionate supporters on both sides as well as dramatic footage from some of their greatest games, this documentary will give viewers a unique insight into one of Britain’s oldest sporting rivalries.

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David B