Food Globalization: The Truth Behind Cheap Food

Jul 8, 2023 | Food/Drink, Videos

In “The True Cost of Cheap Food”, the audience is taken on a journey across the globe to investigate the troubling and often hidden realities of supermarket staples. From the verdant fields of Italy rife with exploitation and human rights abuses, to the polluted waters of Guinea, brimming with marine life yet emptied by foreign fleets, the documentary exposes the high cost paid for low prices.
In the shadow of vast banana plantations in Cameroon, the local environment is mutilated and politicians corrupted by corporations obsessed with turning greater margins. However, while the focus is on the injustice, exploitation and environmental implications of the supermarket industry, the documentary also instills hope. There is a new sense of urgency surrounding sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly agricultural and fishing practices, and there are those in these industries who are fighting to make positive change.

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David B