Focus: A Documentary

Sep 20, 2023 | People, Sports, Videos

Focus is an inspiring documentary that follows professional gamer Mike Ross as he embarks on a journey to the pinnacle of Street Fighter 4. Ross, who recently signed with CompLexity pro gaming team, has been making waves in the competitive Super Street Fighter 4 community with his passion and skill.

Directed by Steve Hwang, Focus is the first installment of G4 Films – a collection of short and full length movies created by This highly anticipated documentary offers viewers an inside look at what goes into becoming a professional gamer and showcases Ross’ intense preparation for EVO – one of the biggest tournaments in his life.

Throughout the film, viewers will witness Ross fearlessly face off against strong opponents in various gaming tournaments around the world. In addition to witnessing all the action, fans will get valuable insight from some of the best minds in the gaming industry such as Arturo Sanchez, David Sirlin and Seth Killian as they provide commentary and analysis on Ross’ battles.

Focus is more than just a movie about gaming – it is an inspirational story about determination and passion that you won’t want to miss! So don’t wait any longer – watch Focus now to learn how one man can achieve his dream through hard work and dedication!

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