Flying Cars and The Future of Aviation | Flying Vehicles | Air Taxis

Aug 26, 2023 | Aviation, Videos

Are you ready to explore the futuristic world of technology? Dive into the Tech Effect, a cutting-edge documentary series that offers a glimpse into the forces and inventions poised to shape our lives in the coming century. Featuring themes ranging from e-sports and robotics to home automation and autonomous cars, this series examines the potential for innovation to improve our lives while being mindful of its risks.
In the latest episode, the Tech Effect takes you on a journey through the rapidly evolving world of aviation. Discover the latest aerial options introduced by both Slovakian and Japanese companies, and learn about Uber’s efforts to deploy autonomous urban aircraft in congested cities. With aerial traffic set to soar, explore the latest air traffic management systems designed to connect autonomous aircraft with each other and overarching traffic control. And, finally, get a sneak peek of the concept airliner of the future that incorporates holograms and neural networks for an engaging and relaxing flight. Get ready to unlock tomorrow, today with the Tech Effect.

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David B