FluorideGate: An American Tragedy

Sep 20, 2023 | Social, Videos

FLUORIDEGATE, a new documentary film, is making waves around the nation. It reveals the shocking truth of how the U.S. government and industry are endangering public health by actively promoting a policy known to cause harm. The main target of this policy: small children, who are most affected by its damaging effects.

The cause behind this despicable practice remains unclear, but the consequences for our nation and its citizens are all too obvious. Fluoride in drinking water weakens bones and teeth, causes DNA damage, lowers IQs and has been linked to cancer and other chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, children are more likely to suffer from these illnesses as their bodies are still developing.

The movie uses compelling interviews with scientists, medical professionals, environmental activists and concerned citizens to demonstrate how fluoride is included in drinking water under false pretences – supposedly for dental health – while at the same time exposing serious health risks associated with its consumption. Furthermore, it shows how powerful corporate interests have been able to manipulate government policies in order to further their own agenda.

This film is important viewing for any concerned citizen who wishes to gain a better understanding of how public health can be endangered by powerful interests that prioritize corporate profits above people’s lives. Everyone should watch FLUORIDEGATE so they can learn more about this pressing issue and help create change by demanding safer regulations on water fluoridation across the country.

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David B