Dec 18, 2023 | Economics, Videos

The 2008 financial crisis took a heavy toll on the working class, wiping out countless jobs and leaving workers stranded with an uncertain future. The feature-length documentary Floored examines the lives of a different group affected by this labor landscape shift—floor traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

These risk-takers were revered for their aggressive personalities, which often led to massive gains or crushing losses in just minutes. But the age of modern technology has taken its toll, reducing the traders to around 10% of their former numbers. Floored follows several of these ‘old-school’ traders struggling to adjust and adapt to the new system.

Take Jeff Ansani, who once had enormous success as a power trader but ultimately lost it all—including his car, home and financial independence—in the span of one day. Forced to move his family into his parents’ home, he now works as a floor clerk making $400 per week.

Kenny Ford is another casualty; despite his extensive experience in trading, he feels useless compared to computers running algorithms that can do what used to take him hours in mere seconds. Through stories like theirs, Floored captures the spirit of those crushed by technology while emphasizing our need for human connection over robotics in this era of digitalization.

This powerful documentary offers invaluable insight into how technology can disrupt entire industries and leave thousands adrift without purpose or hope. If you’re interested in understanding more about today’s changing labor landscape and how it affects individuals like Jeff and Kenny, then you won’t want to miss Floored!

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David B