Jun 16, 2023 | Business, Economics, Technology, Videos

Released in 2009, Floored is an eye-opening documentary that explores the world of trading from a unique perspective. It delves into the people and businesses that make up the Chicago trading pits, which has been an integral part of America’s financial system for over 150 years.

The documentary provides insight into how these pits have evolved over time, particularly in 1997 when the introduction of electronic trading disrupted the industry and caused many long-time traders to lose their jobs. There are now only a fraction of what there used to be before this shift.

Through interviews with prominent figures in the industry, Floored captures the essence of what it means to work on a trading floor and sheds light on how technology has played an increasingly larger role in the financial markets of today. Even after 20+ years since its release, it still serves as one of the most comprehensive looks into this world ever seen.

Floored is an absolute must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about markets and financial instruments like stocks, derivatives, futures and options. The film takes viewers through several key trading pits showing them how business is conducted at various levels – from brokerages to exchanges. By giving viewers an inside look at this exciting and complex universe, it allows them to gain a richer understanding of why buying and selling happens the way it does on Wall Street today.

Whether you’re looking to gain insight about markets or just want to watch an interesting documentary, Floored is sure to provide you with hours of captivating entertainment. Don’t miss out on this unique look into one of America’s oldest industries!

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David B