Fleeing climate change — the real environmental disaster

May 21, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Social, Videos

The upcoming documentary explores the devastating effects of climate change in the Sahel zone, Indonesia, and the Russian Tundra; the so-called hotspots of climate change. It’s a tale of millions, a double injustice: after becoming rich at the expense of the rest of the world, the industrialized countries are now polluting the atmosphere with their emissions and bringing a second misfortune to the inhabitants of the poorer regions.
In this documentary, we hear the story of Mohammed Ibrahim, one of many who have been forced to leave their homelands in the Sahel zone because of the high temperatures, becoming real climate refugees. Trekking with his wife, children, and 70 camels from Niger to Chad and then further south, the journey lasted years, with many members of his herd dying of thirst. Currently residing with his family in a refugee camp, Mohammed has only seven camels left. Join us in taking a closer look at the devastation wrought by climate change and the struggles of millions worldwide.

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David B