Finders Keepers – A story about a custody battle

Dec 15, 2022 | Lifestyle, People, Personal Triumphs, Strange, Videos

What would you do if you find an amputated leg inside a grill you’ve just purchased at an auction? Would you freak out? Or would you try and find out the story behind the amputated leg?

Finders Keepers is one of the best documentary published in 2015. The documentary follows the story of Shannon Whisnant, who purchased the grill at an auction. And of course, the man whose leg wound up in the grill.

What was the chain of events that led to the leg finishing in the grill? Believe it or not, what follows is a custody battle over the leg. The original owner wants it back, and Shannon believes it is his. The documentary has some of the best single-sentence synopses of all time.

The absurd he-said/he-said story will take you deep into the mind of people. Any time you think the story is headed toward a conclusion, a new hurdle comes up.

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Riyan H.