Fighting Trump – Scotland Residents versus Americana Billionaire!

Sep 13, 2022 | Business, Short, Videos

Just go back to ruining your own country, and get out of Scotland! That is the message that residents of Scotland sent to Donald Trump in 2011, protesting against his intention of golf development on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

Trump purchased a real estate in Scotland in 2006, hoping to make it a one billion worth of investment for golf development.

A young adult, James Trosh, tries to capture the emotions and the back and forth exchange of words between Trump and the residents of the land he purchased.

James goes to talk head to head with some of the residents who were facing to be expelled from their homes because of Trump’s investment.

You never truly understand what happens in an investment until you hear the voices of the people affected by it. In a truly inspirational, and fair video, James lets the viewers decide which side to take, after carefully making an argument for Trump and the residents. It is all business as Trump puts it, but sometimes there is more to the story.

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Riyan H.