Fighting to preserve ugly species

Nov 10, 2023 | Animals, Videos

In a world where cute and charismatic animals dominate the spotlight, others face the risk of extinction without recognition. The documentary “The Fight to Preserve Endangered Species” sheds light on the animals at risk of being forgotten and the individuals working tirelessly to protect them.
The film takes us on a journey through the stories of various species, from the grumpy-looking blobfish to the slimy cave salamander. We follow the founder of the “Ugly Animal Preservation Society” as he uses comedy as a tool to raise awareness and garner support for unattractive animals. We meet Markus Mende, whose mission is to turn the olm, a blind salamander, into a superstar to secure funding for its preservation. Through their tales, we see the importance of valuing, protecting, and preserving all creatures, regardless of their appearance.

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David B