Fight On – The Abused Child Turned Muay Thai Fighter

Feb 26, 2023 | Lifestyle, Media, Social, Videos

Trevor Loomes is a 35 year old guy from Australia. And that is the ordinary part of his life. The unique part is that he is an actor, a model, and a dancer. He does what the job requires, even if that means entering the ring and fighting people.

Half of his life, Trevor has spent fighting Thai boxers, using his unstoppable grit to win. He is courageous, you have to give him that. But what is the secret behind his success?

Oh, did we mention he does some modeling while taking time away from the ring? He changes his looks to whatever the script requires, and has done several movie parts. But mostly, he uses his Muay Thai experience to film fight scenes.

There is something special about this guy, and you can find out what it is, thanks to the short documentary he filmed himself.

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Riyan H.