Festival Express

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Festival Express is a documentary about the 1970s train tour across Canada, some of the biggest rock bands from America played during the tour like Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band and Delaney & Bonnie & Friends. In the film, you will see the whole footage during the tour and the scenes aboard the train you will also see interviews from the present-day with numerous participants who attended the train tour.

The festival was staged in three cities in Canada and was supposed to start at the 24th of June in Montreal but it was canceled by the city, continuing the trip to Toronto were the groups performed on the CNE Stadium with over 37,000 attendances that day. First of July the train arrived Winnipeg and the played on a stadium with the same name in front of 4,600 people, and when they left it they just wanted to finish this tour. At the McMahon Stadium in Calgary they performed the fourth and the fifth of July in front of a 20,000 people audience, the Vancouver concert was also canceled.

The musicians decided to go with the train rather than flying by plane to each city, they charted a Canadian National Railways train.

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