Festival Drugs: Meet the Dealers

Dec 13, 2023 | Drugs, Videos

The BBC Three documentary Festival Drugs: Meet the Dealers is an intense, eye-opening look into the world of drug dealing that surrounds many of today’s festivals. In this three-part series, viewers get to see just how these criminal organizations operate and how they prey on young partygoers for their own gain.

In the first episode, The Party Traffickers, the filmmakers infiltrate a drug dealer’s home and document his process of creating and exporting drugs to other countries. We get a firsthand look at how he mixes MDMA with rat poison in order to cut costs, all while keeping his identity hidden from view.

Episode 2, The Corrupt Guards, shows host Livvy Haydock exploring various festivals to uncover how drugs are sold and distributed as well as how aware or complicit security guards are in this process. A licensed festival security guard comes forward to blow the whistle on those who are either paid off or simply not doing their job correctly when it comes to preventing illegal substances from getting into the hands of attendees.

Finally, in The Deadly Pushers episode we get a comprehensive overview of the entire operation from booking tickets and packaging drugs to delivery methods used by dealers. This episode also brings attention to the dangerous super-strength drugs that have been causing numerous deaths in countries like the U.K., as well as an increase in gang violence related to this growing industry.

Throughout Festival Drugs: Meet the Dealers fascinating footage is captured of dealers willing to let cameras into their lives despite facing potential risk if police were ever called in. It’s an incredible opportunity for viewers to peek behind the curtain and understand better what goes on within this underground world that has been happening right under our noses. So if you’re looking for an intriguing insight into this drug underworld then make sure you watch Festival Drugs: Meet The Dealers!

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David B