Fall of the Republic

  • Published 5 years ago
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One of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost the presidential elections is the Democratic Party. President Obama was criticized for his corruption and allowing offshore corporate companies to bankrupt the US economy.

That is one of the main reasons why Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. This old documentary from 2009 documents shows how offshore corporate cartels influenced the US economy. Back then, the fear was the new world government has arrived, and that a new global currency might replace the dollar.

That didn’t happen, but the worldwide regime conspiracy theory lives on. Sometimes, it is good to remind ourselves what might have happened. The best way to learn is by our mistakes, and that is what history tries to do.

The documentary focuses in great lengths on the architecture of the New World Order, and how the “secret society” wants to change humanity. And more importantly, the documentary also provides a way for people to retake the government, and turn the criminal tide that is plaguing the government.

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