Fake News: Russian Propaganda for Beginners

May 23, 2023 | Culture, Military/War, People, Political, Videos

Russian journalist Masha Borzunova and her team have undertaken an ambitious project – to expose European citizens to the truth about Russian state media propaganda. Since being exiled in Latvia in 2022, they have been documenting the sinister, contradictory and absurd nature of this propaganda.

Their documentary, entitled “Propaganda: The Russian State Media Story”, portrays the reality of Russian state media as a complex web of lies and misinformation. It also shows how easily these lies can be spread by government-controlled outlets such as television and social media platforms. In addition to providing a chilling insight into the power of propaganda, the documentary also features interviews with experts on Russian politics and culture.

The documentary is a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about Russia’s political landscape or understanding the impact of its state-controlled media on the world we live in today. By exposing viewers to real examples of what propaganda looks like, Masha Borzunova and her team are taking an important step towards educating Europeans on the realities of Russian news sources.

Through their work, Masha Borzunova and her team are aiming to expose both sides of the story behind Russia’s state media – both its successes and failures – so that people can make informed decisions about their consumption habits when it comes to news from Russia.

So if you’re looking for a clearer understanding of Russia’s role in global affairs or just curious to learn more about how state-controlled media works, be sure to check out “Propaganda: The Russian State Media Story”. This powerful documentary is sure to provide you with valuable insights into one of today’s most controversial topics.

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David B