Factory City

Sep 14, 2023 | Social, Technology, Videos

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live and work at one of the biggest factories in the world? If that idea seems far-fetched to you, it’s because for most of us it is simply unimaginable. But for the 17,000 employees stationed at the EUPA mega factory – a workplace measuring approximately two square kilometers – this is their reality.

EUPA, located near Shanghai, is an incredible achievement in industrial engineering and scale. The factory produces staggering quantities of items daily such as coffee makers, irons, electric cookers and many more products destined for every corner of the globe. This is why EUPA has become synonymous with “Made in China” and seen as a powerful symbol of modern global manufacturing.

But behind this grand vision of progress, there lies an incredible human story; one that speaks volumes about the hopes and ambitions of those who have made EUPA their home. People from all over China come here seeking a brighter future for themselves and their families; they get married here, send their kids to school here, but never stop working throughout it all. And yet despite its immense size and scale, EUPA still feels like any other small town: one where everyday people strive towards making something extraordinary out of ordinary lives.

This remarkable story can now be explored through a brand new documentary film titled “EUPA: An Industrial Revolution”. Through interviews with some of the factory’s workers and managers we get an intimate glimpse into life on-site and experience first-hand how people’s lives can be transformed by living and working in such extraordinary surroundings. For anyone interested in understanding what it means to live life on an industrial scale, or just curious about what goes on inside one of the world’s biggest factories – this documentary is not to be missed!

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David B