Fabled Enemies

Sep 14, 2023 | 9/11, Conspiracy, Videos

Fabled Enemies, the latest documentary from Jason Bermas, dives into the unsolved mysteries surrounding the events of September 11th 2001 and attempts to answer questions that have been suppressed for over a decade. It examines intelligence networks, their involvement in the attacks, and how they were able to pull off something so incredibly devastating.

The film begins with powerful footage from that fateful day in history when Osama Bin Laden was immediately identified as the culprit without any further investigation into other possible suspects. However, it is revealed that some of these alleged hijackers had ties to US military facilities or even the FBI itself, leading one to question just how these terrorists were able to accomplish such a feat without anyone becoming aware until it was too late. This leads us to Able Danger – the black ops program that identified many of the hijackers prior to 9/11 and attempted to pass this information onto the FBI. Anthony Shaffer who headed up this team later met with Phillip Zelikow, Executive Director of 9/11 Commission but was not able to add his testimony into the report or have his voice heard which suggests that there may have been a cover-up involved.

Adding further fuel to this fire is a mysterious group of Israelis who just happened to be stopped on September 11th with either explosives or advanced knowledge of what was going on. Upon further investigation it appears that two companies within America may have aided them in obtaining intel about what was happening leading us down a path full of secrets and unanswered questions.

Fabled Enemies takes an intricate look at all aspects around 9/11 and gives viewers valuable insight into what really happened on that day and encourages us all not forget about our past but use knowledge gained through reflection as motivation for positive change in our future. We encourage everyone watching this trailer to watch Fabled Enemies when it comes out and learn more about these topics as well as gain more understanding about why we should never take our freedom for granted again.

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David B